Volume 3
Published 11/16, 2018

Welcome to the Hopewell Fish and Game Association's current newsletter. Thank you to all of the club contributors for supplying the content for the 2018 digital editions.

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Range Safety and Tactics to Keep Yourself Updated and Sharp
by Charlie Corbin

Let me start by introduction, my name is Charlie Corbin. I spent 26 years as a member of the Baltimore City Police Department. During this time, I spent approximately 18 years in specialized units and trained with SWAT/DEA /FBI and an assortment of other jurisdictions and their specialized units.

One thing that was stressed to me by members of specialized units was weapons training and discipline. As a young man with limited family responsibilities, I could get away with buddies and go to the range on a frequent basis. When you add kids, activities, overtime and other responsibilities, the range dates seem to get less frequent and you end up at the range two times a year. One range day happens a few days before you qualify to re-acclimate yourself with your weapon which includes cleaning and the second is qualification day.

At the Hopewell Fish and Game Association, members of law enforcement are welcome to use the pistol, shotgun and rifle ranges to shoot their annual qualifying rounds free of charge or commitment to the club. 

Please take advantage of this gracious offer by the Board of Directors. Just make sure you have your credentials with you and if possible, please contact the club president at 443-928-1940 prior or any other governing body member.

Law enforcement personnel know that your training keeps you in tune, applying the tactics and techniques that you have learned becomes second nature and will instinctively kick in at the appropriate time. Please don’t overlook this situation to shoot and train so you can avoid becoming a “war story” either good or bad. Use the facility to your benefit, please respect the rules of the range and grounds and enjoy.

For that homeowner/gun owner protecting his or her self and family, the same objectives apply. Go beyond being familiar with your weapons. Use them, train with them and make them a practical part of your life. Please be aware of all local and state laws as they apply to self-defense+ situations and all other applicable laws.

NEW Club Grounds Hunting Policy coming in 2019

In response to the simple fact that our membership is growing and more members are hunting the club grounds, the governing body will be reviewing a NEW hunting policy for 2019. Safety is paramount and fairness to all club members in good standing, equally.

Some things on the discussion table for 2019 are: 
- Breaking the club into areas on a map designating huntable areas.
- No pets allowed on the club trails (re: hunting areas) during the 6 weeks of archery deer season and 2 weeks of firearms deer season
- Members only (no guests)
- Sing in and Sign out board (daily)
- Firearms Opening Day & First Saturday Lottery Hunts Only
- All members wishing to hunt the club grounds must have their 16 hours of volunteer service completed prior to the season opener
- In archery season all hunters must wear rubber boots

If you wish to join the committee who will be drafting the new hunting policy, please contact our club president, Michael Males, at 443-928-1940.

Youth Day 2019 Set for May 11th, 2019!

The 2019 Youth Day will be held on May 11th on the club grounds from 8am until 5pm. ALL ATTENDEES will once again need to pre-register using our on-line form on the Youth Day page since we have a 60 seat capacity for this event.

All youth registrants will enjoy archery, 22 long rifle, sporting clays, black powder instruction and the fishing segment of our program.

Ages 7 to 17 are welcome and this event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

We will be giving away another Xtreme Archery compound bow this year along with a Savage .17 rifle donated by Defense One Armory.

If you have any questions pertaining to Youth Day, please contact either Ryan Maters ( 717-487-8004 ) or Jim Coyle ( 717-586-4751 ). Please follow us on our FACEBOOK page for news and updates about Youth Day 2019!

Yorktoberfest a success!

On October 13th, 2018 we raised $500 for the club's new Veterans and Youth project. Stay tuned for more events at the York Fairgrounds through our partnership with CrocodileDog Marketing.

Upcoming 2019 events:
February 9 - Hibrewnation at the York Fairgrounds, 1PM - Click Here for Details
May 18 &19 - Taste of Pennsylvania Wine and Music Festival at the York Fairgrounds - Click Here for Details
October 12 - Yorktoberfest at the York Fairgrounds - Click Here for Details

Fly Tying Classes this Winter!
With Jim Coyle
Winter dates for 2019 will be: Jan 2nd, Feb 6th, March 6th and March 27th
All dates are Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm

Thank you all that attended the 2018 fly tying classes at the club. It was a great time and we all learned some new techniques that will be applied this year. Our 2019 dates will focus on patterns for the Spring trout season. Wooly Buggers, Stone Flies, Mop flies, Deer hair caddis, and various other nymphs. Please being your tools and materials. All classes are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, free to members, $25 a class for non members.

Volume 2
Published June, 2018

by Youth Committee Chair - Jim Coyle
June 15, 2018
Elder M. Russell Ballard once said, “Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.” Service to our fellow man not only helps them, but genuinely helps us. Think about how you felt the last time you helped someone.

I received a call from Allan Masters asking if I wanted to help him and a few other members stock trout with a group of young men from York City. 

I agreed and Saturday April 21st was an amazing day for all of us. When I arrived at the club that morning I met up with Allan Masters, Rick Leader, Mike Myers, Mike Males and Roy Moser. The young men from the York City football team enthusiastically jumped in the raceway, loaded the truck, filled the float box, stocked the trout and with the guidance of our members caught fish. It was a gratifying day for both the members and the young men.

In other news, the York Area Sportsman Association held their annual Youth Day at the Isaac Walton League in Dallastown on June 2nd. We had several Hopewell members help with the 22 range and fishing stations. I spent that day with Rick Leader, Mike Males and Bruce Coyle helping the kids catch and release hundreds of trout. It was another great day of service that made a difference for many.

As most of you know, Hopewell is holding our Youth Day on Saturday July 14th. We need help setting up, help at various stations and clean up after. Many hours of preparation by several members have already prepared us for a successful day, but we can never have too much help. Clear your schedule and make time to spend a few hours or even the entire day and help make Hopewell Fish and Game’s Youth Day a great event.

Life isn’t about what we get but what we give! Ronald Reagan said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” See you all at the Club on July 14th.

Youth Day July 14th, 2018
Just a reminder that our 2018 YOUTH DAY will be held on July 14th, 2018 from 8am to 4pm. The event is already full and we have reached our capacity of 60 kids!

Member and Member Applicant Volunteers are still welcome to assist on the day of the event if you are looking for hours or just want to help promote and educate the sporting life.

We would like to thank our many sponsors for helping us make this year's event the best we have ever had!

In addition to our regular Youth Day stations, we have added a FISHING CLINIC.
The Hopewell Fish and Game pond has been transformed from what was an over-grown mud hole into a beautiful catch-and-release recreational fishing pond. Thank you to all of the members who have been helping make this club  amenity a reality. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were shed to make it what it is today.

After our Youth Day the pond will be open for CLUB MEMBERS to use as part of their membership privileges.

by Member Jarvis Green
Attention Hopewell Fish and Game Archers! We Want You!

First of all, thanks to those who have helped with the archery program and thanks to those who've helped the club in general.

We've had a great year so far with archery. Many new members, aspiring members and long-time members have been working together to further and improve the program.

As you all know, all of the specific programs here at Hopewell Fish and Game, including archery, require countless hours of volunteer work.

For all club amenities and events there are many important jobs and each unique program has to work in sync with other programs and members to ensure success. Our goals for the rest of this year are simple. We aim to do three things:

1. Improve club involvement and public attendance for archery events
2. Improve non-event-time archery amenities (full-time archery course and range)
3. Develop documented mapping and protocols for setting up archery events and maintaining archery amenities

To achieve these goals, we will need a few more volunteers to be on the archery committee. The more we can spread the work out on a consistent basis and more folks we have to rely on, the better the program will be. Please let me know if you are interested.

So far this year, we have:

• Cleaned up around the outside of the shooters shed (needs done again)

• Reorganized the targets and paired the partner-pieces and agreed to always put them back whole, leaving the trailer loaded for the next shoot and the additional targets ready for the next load.

• Cleaned out and mapped a more complete course. The map includes target positions and an aerial image of the property for use while setting up for the shoots and for shooters participating in the shoot. We plan to enhance the use of these type of maps in general.

We look forward to enhancing the archery program and the club in general. If you would like to join us to further enjoy the sport of archery here at our awesome club, please contact me, Jarvis Green, at 717-793-1422 or at

Pistol Range Shoot Dates
provided by Keith Safford

*No shoot on 7/4/18 - (Happy 242nd Birthday America)

Spring 2018 In Review
by Allan Masters

 With the temps soaring over 90, summer has arrived.  Hopefully, all of you were able to get out and enjoy some of our great local trout fishing this spring.  Despite the cool weather and rain, I saw many anglers out there with full stringers and big smiles.  My first season as your Trout Chairman was certainly memorable and I thank you for the opportunity.

We stocked just over 6,600 trout between March 29 and May 16th.  Most of the fish were 12”+ and on light tackle provided quite a thrill.  

The fish counts were slightly different this year with more brookies and less rainbows making it out to the stream.  We experienced heavy losses of rainbows late last summer, however, the CNU gave us an additional 1,000 brook trout in October which made up for the losses.  In total, 3,000 brookies, 2,700 rainbows, 850 brown, and 22 golden yearlings were stocked.

For those of you lucky/skilled enough to land one of our holdovers, my guess is that catch was memorable for you and like all good fish stories, the fish gets bigger and the skill you demonstrated landing it, gets embellished every time you tell it.  Through your support, we did put out more big trout this year (41 holdovers).  Some of the rainbows were pushing through 24” and very close to 5lbs.  A few of the brookies early in the season were equally impressive in their own way.  A few of those were 8+ inches from the top of their backs down to the bottom of their fat red bellies.  Big fish…memorable fish.

There were a number of memorable moments for me this spring.  Three in particular come to mind as I write this.  

First, was hosting Mike Jones and the group from the York High football team.  It was VERY rewarding to have a part in giving those young men one of their first experiences in the great outdoors.  Not sure who had a better time, the kids stocking and catching their fish or all the volunteers who turned out that day.  Many thanks to each of you.

Second, was what I will call the “little stream that could”.  In May we moved over 260 holdovers from the raceway into the tank in that little itty-bitty stream we have.  The tank is stainless steel and easily weighs 500lb by itself and with water & trout pushes over 3,000 pounds.  A storm came in at the end of the day and when I was leaving all appeared fine.  About 30 minutes later, I received a “911” call to get back down to the raceway.  The storm water in the itty-bitty creek pushed the 3,000 lb holdover tank downstream about 50 yards up against the culvert pipe between the raceway and rifle range.  Matt and Mike were transferring the fish back into the raceway and I helped save a few.  So never underestimate the power of a flash flood.  Also, if you are skilled/lucky enough to catch one of the holdovers next season, you can thank Matt for caring enough to go down and check things out one more time after working all day.  Had he not done that, no fish would have survived.  BTW, you might want to try your luck in that itty-bitty stream down from the rifle range.  About 75 fish are still unaccounted for after their wild ride….

Third, was just the great level of support for our trout program by each of you.  The board and members never challenged when we called for help or investment.  The turnout for all the workdays, stocking, days, etc. was outstanding.  All of you play a part making our trout program one of the best in the state.  I thank you on behalf of all the smiling fisherman prowling our local waters.

Wishing you tight lines –

Allan Masters

PS.  A special thank you to Dick Zimmerman.  Dick was our long-time trout Chairman and recently rotated off the Board of Directors.  He guidance, leadership, and hours of service warrants recognition by every member; so next time you see him be sure and say a few words of thanks.  On a personal note, he has always answered my questions, returned my calls, was patient enough to answer stupid questions I tend to ask, and donate his truck and time every time he was called upon.  Dick, thank you many times over.

Volume 1 - 2018
Editor: Michael S. Males

Welcome to the Hopewell Fish and Game Association's current newsletter. Thank you to all of the club contributors for supplying the content for the 2018 Volume 2 digital edition.

Please remember, for a full list of calendar events, please visit our calendar page by clicking here.

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President's Message
Greetings to all Hopewell Fish & Game members and all of our friends that support this club. As you can see, we have made signifigent advances in our technology and stream of information with our NEW website and Facebook fan page. All of this has been done in order to get you the information about Hopewell Fish & Game readily at your fingertips.

I would first like to thank all of our members and supporters who put in all of their time and efforts into making our club what it is. Secondly, I would like to encourage the rest of our membership to GET INVOLVED in the club to make it the best it can be. 
This club relies on the same 15 - 20% of it's membership to keep it running in the current capacity, which is ok, but we could be doing even better with more involvement from our membership. Attend a meeting. Help stock trout. Come to a 3D shoot. Bring some friends and try a night of sporting clays.

Introduce a young person to hunting or fishing or sporting in general by bringing them to our Youth Day or sign up for our Hunter's Education course. We have a lot to offer and you get out of it what you put into it.

There has been some talk about bringing the pig and oyster feeds back into our schedule. I personally would love to see that all happen however it will need the strength or our membership and volunteers to commit to helping in the clubhouse and kitchen on the days of, as well as selling tickets. If we ALL get involved, Hopewell Fish & Game can be all it can be.

I look forward to seeing some new faces at our meetings and some familiar faces that haven't been involved lately.

Finally, if you know anyone that has an interested in any or all of our amenities and becoming a member, please have them come to a member application meeting. We welcome our fellow brothers and sister sporting enthusiasts to this fine organization.

Thank you,
Daniel Allen Sr.
Club President

WORK DETAIL - March 10th, 2018
2018 Volume 1 - Club Message
The next WORK DETAIL at the club scheduled for March 10th, 2018 beginning at 8am. If you need membership hours, this is the time and place to get them!

We have many areas that we will be working in, including cutting firewood, working on the road, the shooting trails, the raceway and much much more!

Be at the club at 8am in your play clothes. LUNCH PROVIDED!

Sporting Clays Opens March 1st at Hopewell Fish and Game
2018 Volume 1 - Sporting Clays
MARCH 1ST SPORTING CLAYS starts the 2018 Season!

Hopewell Fish & Game Association Sporting Clays  will be shooting on Thursdays from 6PM to 9PM (Last squad @ 8:30) and Saturdays 9AM to 3PM (Last squad @ 1:30).
Please check the club's calendar for dates.

Sporting Clays will be closed the 2nd Saturday of each month  for Hopewell Fish & Game events.  

Always Call ahead for any weather related closings (717) 993-3829.
100 BIRD TRIPLE SHOOT dates for 2018
April 28, 2018
May 26, 2018
June 30, 2018
July 28, 2018
August 25, 2018
September 29, 2018
October 27, 2018
November 24, 2018

March 30th and 31st, 2018
50 Rabbit Targets - Shotgun Start
Different course each day!
Lewis Class: $5.00

50/50 Challenge Shot
Shooting from 9am to 3pm
Sign up at 8 AM until 2 PM
The Kitchen will be open for Breakfast and Lunch

Make a Good Friday and Great Friday and come out and have a BLAST!
For information, please contact Shotgun/Sporting Clays - Cary Walsh at 717-993-6425.

Hopewell Fish and Game Raceway Project 
by Mike Myers
2018 Volume 1 - Raceway
February 8, 2018
For those of you that may have noticed the changes at the raceway since the end of stocking last year, here’s what has transpired over the summer and fall. We applied for and received a GP-3 permit from PADEP to reconstruct the bank of the stream to stop the erosion of the ground between the stream and the raceway. The project consisted of bank armoring with 100 tons of R8 boulders and several loads of crush and run for area alongside the raceway and the rifle range parking lot.

The major construction has been completed, however, the disturbed areas on the right bank are waiting for warmer weather this spring to replant some trees and for the stream seed mix to germinate.
This project was badly needed, and with this improvement, it has given us the ability to access our trout for the next 50 years.

As with all stream restoration/construction projects the cost can get pretty expensive. This project even though it may seem small, still has a big price tag.

Survey / design / permit $19,250
Material (stone and delivery) $6,800
1-week Equipment rental and delivery $7,200
1-week Equipment operator / labor $2,200
Erosion control/ Plants / seeding $500
Total estimated cost of project: $33,950
Total cost of project: $28.50 (9.5 gallons of fuel)
The majority of the project expenses were donated by Bob Kinsley of Kinsley Construction!

This spring we will need some volunteers to help finish the landscaping around the project area.

This year’s stocking will be easier and less muddy on those of us that load the trucks and stock the streams. Even with all the improvements to the raceway it will not keep it from raining for our Friday preseason stocking and every Thursday evenings, so wear your rain gear and we will see you soon!

Mike Myers

2018 Trout Report & Stocking Schedule
by Allan Masters
2018 Volume 1 - Trout
February 8, 2018

Opening day of the 2018 Trout Season is only 50 days away. Time to replace your line, go through your fishing vest to inventory your tackle and throw out those old bait containers you meant to last summer!

We anticipate putting out over 7,000 fish this year and they are almost ready for stocking.  On a recent inspection by the Cooperative Nursery Unit the average fish was already over 10” and weighing just over .5lb each.  
Good news for the brook trout fans out there.  We have more brookies than ever (just over half our fish) thanks to the supplemental fish we received in October from CNU.

Also we anticipate stocking over 40 holdover fish through the season.  I have not measured them in a while, but peek into pen 1 and just imagine one of them on your line.
The 2018 stocking schedule has been published. (see below)

 I look forward to seeing all of you turn out for the pre-season stocking on Friday March 30 and each Thursday evening during the season.  

Many thanks to all the volunteers who signed up to care for the fish.  Your help is truly appreciated and our program could not exist without you.  One small note on trout care.  We are adding in a few tasks to the care routine (recording air & water temps) and be more prescriptive on the exact amount of food to put out.  Look for the directions on the clipboard in the fish shack and certainly call me with any questions.  Our intention is to learn more about how our growth rates change during the Aug-March growing season in hopes of making adjustments and ultimately stocking even bigger fish than we do now.  
Best of luck out there all season.

Allan Masters

2018 Co-Op Stocking Schedule
Thursday 3/29
Muddy Creek/Castle Finn

Friday 3/30
Deer Creek, Coopers Run, Cross Mill, Ebaugh's Meadow, Liebs Kids Area, Leibs at Kilgore and Draco, Muddy Creek South Branch

Thursday 4/5
Deer Creek, Coopers Run, Liebs Kids Area, Leibs at Kilgore and Draco

Thursday 4/12
Deer Creek, Coopers Run, Muddy Creek South Branch

Wednesday 4/18
Codorus South Branch

Thursday 4/19
Ebaugh's Meadow, Cross Mill
Saturday 4/21
Castle Finn

Thursday 4/26
Deer Creek, Cooper's Run, Muddy Creek South Branch

Thursday 5/3
Deer Creek, Coopers Run, Muddy Creek South Branch

Saturday 5/5
Castle Finn

Thursday 5/10
Cross Mill, Ebaugh's Meadow

Wednesday 5/17
Codorus South Branch

2018 3D Archery Shoots
by Wayne Gast
2018 Volume 1 - Archery
February 9, 2018
We will have a total of six 3-D Archery events are planned at the club this year! Mark your calendars for any and all events scheduled.

Sunday 2/25
Sunday 3/18
Sunday 4/29
Sunday 5/27
Sunday 6/24
Sunday 7/22

Each event runs from 7am to 1pm.
Shooters must be registered by 11am as the course can take up to two hours to complete.

TRADITIONAL and COMPOUND BOWS ONLY. NO CROSSBOWS PLEASE unless you are a disabled hunter.

30 round course
Adults: $10
Youth Ages 11 - 15: $5
Kids 10 and Under: Free

Setup of the  3D course is usually done the Saturday evening prior to the event. Member help is needed for building the new targets. If you need volunteer hours for your membership, please contact Dan Allen (717-858-5459) or Wayne Gast (443-540-0214) for more information about assisting with the archery targets.

by Don Helms
2018 Volume 1 - Legislative
February 11, 2018
As responsible gun owners we must understand and become participants in the political Arena. The majority of legislators in this country are career politicians (Most are Attorneys) who strive to stay in political office.
Fortunately Pennsylvania is a relatively gun-friendly state with a majority of Republican legislators. But as gun owners striving to protect our rights under the Second Amendment we have to realize that we have many Democratic adversaries who are determined to disarm the citizens of our country.
The Pennsylvania General Assembly has 253 members, consisting of a Senate with 50 members and a House of Representatives with 203 members, making it the second-largest state legislature in the nation and the largest full-time legislature. As of 2014, members' base pay was $85,356, making it the costliest state legislature per capita in the U.S. Republicans hold a 34-16 majority in the Senate and a 120-83 majority in the House.

Every member of Hopewell Fish and Game Association needs to be committed to developing a relationship with their representatives in Pennsylvania and Washington DC.
When we are alerted to legislative issues that need our attention we should let our legislators know our opinions. Legislators do respond to contact from their constituents. Studies show that legislators believe that from every constituent they hear from that constituent affects 10 votes.

That being said the following link will make it easier for members to locate their representatives and contact them by phone, email or a letter.

Contacting our legislators is one part of the equation but having the ability to do it quickly and efficiently is paramount. This can be done in two ways, one is to develop a legislative email group to put out legislative alerts and the other  is to develop a phone tree to put out massive phone calls in a short amount of time.

The email group alerts many members with one message at the push of a button. The phone tree is a bit more work but quite effective. Members receive a phone call concerning a specific legislative issue. The members then contact 5 additional members with the information. This process continues until all members are notified.

To become part of the legislative process contact me at the following:
Don Helms

Smokey Mountain Fever
by Jim Coyle
2018 Volume 1 - From the Field
February 11, 2018
Hello, my name is Jim Coyle and I’m a fisherman. Forty years ago in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee I caught my first rainbow trout. The moment I landed that trout my excitement got the best of me and I ran completely out of my moccasins. My father was elated knowing that he had created another fisherman in our family. I spent my youth chasing trout all over Southern York County.  As an adult my appreciation for this great sport has only grown.  I have traveled to three other states besides Pennsylvania seeking steelhead and salmon.  In the last decade fly fishing has become my passion. Whether it’s a 7’ 3wt for trout or an 11’ 8wt for steelhead and salmon I spend plenty of time stream and river stomping.
If you’re a fisherman you need no explanation - the tug is the drug. Give me an hour stream side and I’m in my happy place.

 Fly fishing will challenge your skill and patience but will also give you the fight of a lifetime. On opening day two years ago I was rewarded with a 5 pound, 23” Rainbow on my 3wt in Muddy Creek. That big hen took a #12 pink sucker spawn on my second roll cast into the seam above a huge boulder. Fly fishing is great fun for all ages and contrary to popular belief fly fishermen are not solely confined to using flies.  It doesn’t matter if you use live bait, rubber worms, nymphs, dry flies, terrestrials, streamers or egg patterns – every fish, every stream, every cast we make present their own unique challenge.   If you would like to learn more about how to get started please come out and help stock on a Thursday night and I will share a lifetime of knowledge with you.  We need all the help we can get to put out these beautiful fish. Run a float box, carry a bucket or just ride along and I promise you will learn something. Get involved with the club and you’ll make some new friends, and who knows, maybe even catch that lunker you’ve been waiting for all these years.

Jim Coyle
Member Applicant


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