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Hopewell Fish and Game Association is a registered 501 (C) 4 non-profit organization that is now accepting private donations from the public in order to fund our new Youth and Veterans Events Renovation Project.

About the Youth and Veterans Events Renovation Project

In 2019, we want to open our club up to offer MORE opportunities to the public, with our main focus on youth, and veterans. We feel that by providing more free events for youth in the community, we will be able to show them that there is more to life than video games and electronic devices, keep them out of the medicine cabinet and get them outside in nature. The opioid epidemic is at the head of every news broadcast these days and too many people are dying from chasing an artificial high. By teaching a kid how to fish or shoot a bow or just get them involved in nature, we may change the path of someone’s life who otherwise wouldn’t have had that opportunity.

Our veterans are also suffering from the same epidemic because of the PTSD they suffer from or just pain associated to their time in service, either physically wounded or mentally. By offering our events free to them, maybe we can make a difference in the lives of those who put THEIR lives on the line for our freedom.

Our goal is to host 7 archery events in 2019 between March and September that are open to the public, members of the club, and FREE to kids under 12 years old, military veterans and first responders. We also would like to hold 4 additional YOUTH events along with our annual YOUTH DAY. The new events would include a fishing derby, an archery day, and an obstacle course/scavenger hunt day that would educate attendees about safety, conservation of natural resources and wildlife, and much more. We have also partnered with the area council for the Boy Scouts of America to assist scouts in merit badge projects, Hooked on Scouting, and much more.

First and foremost, our club’s kitchen and bathrooms were constructed somewhere around the mid-1960’s. We are way past due to upgrade both. We wish to meet current health codes and ADA compliance to accommodate our proposed public events.

Secondly, we need to make improvements to our permanent archery course and our 3D walk through which runs through the entire club property. Our targets are 20 some years old and have taken a beating over the years and a large number of them need replaced. Our elevated stands need to become wheelchair accessible and our trails and roads need maintenance done to them to also allow the same. A stationary target line area pavilion needs built in addition two yardage distance move-able targets on sleds.

Why can’t we raise our own money to complete these renovations and additions? 
Hopewell Fish and Game does have an SOP which allows us to hold a gun raffle each year, that we spend on raising almost 10,000 trout at our raceway. These trout are fed every day, all year long by club volunteers with food that we purchase with our gun raffle money. The trout are then stocked in public waterways in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Trout Co-Op from March until mid May for all sports men and women to enjoy. We also stock a kids only section of stream that only kids 12 and under are permitted to fish in the first thirty days of the state’s Spring trout season. All money we generate thru our only annual gun raffle is already spent.

Hopewell Fish and Game membership dues are spent on General Operating Expenses. Our club is some 74+ acres of beautiful recreation opportunities. We cover the taxes, maintenance to equipment & grounds, power and light and all other basic upkeep of grounds as large as ours. We recently had to increase our dues just to be able to keep up with existing expenses. There basically is NO MONEY LEFT for us to draw from.

How much do we need to accomplish our goals and mission?

We need a total of $38,000.00 to complete all of the projects that will make our club open to more public events, ADA compliant for handicap accessibility, and for our kitchen to meet current health codes.

Every little bit helps us get closer to our goal.

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